Asian Expres - Oriental Cake Egg Bubble Waffle 5kg


9,99 zł

9,51 zł tax excl.

Method of preparation: In a container mix 1 kg of powder with 1 L of water and 250 ml of vegetable oil for several minutes until a smooth, homogeneous consistency is obtained. Bake in 180 ℃ for approx. 3 minutes. In order to obtain cone waffles, right after baking one needs to roll them and put aside for separation, preferably into a metal rack.  The product may contain gluten and soya. Nutritional values in 100g:Energy value 1503kJ/354 kcal, fat 1,7 g, of which saturated fatty acids 0,5 g, carbohydrates 79g, of which sugars 13 g, cellulose 1,9 g, protein 3,0 g, salt 0,91 g.