Dhan Waffle SAVOR SVR-DW01

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The appliance for Dhan Waffles is designed for baking eggs with the dimensions of 5,5 cm in length, 3,5 cm in width and 4 cm in depth. For baking it is possible to use Taiyaki Fish dough. The inside of the eggs could also be filled with various stuffings: sweet sauces, nuts, m&ms, etc. The eggs appear great in special cartons, sarved a few at a clip, dressed with e.g. chocolate sauce, garnished with fruit and whipped cream. In all certainty they will catch the attention of many gourmets of sweets. Baking time is 1 to 3 minutes.

-appliance made of stainless steel
-mould material-non-stick aluminium plate
-high quality of temperature regulator
-energy conservation.