Waffle iron SAVOR BW-04MK


690,00 zł

560,98 zł tax excl.

Who has not eaten a waffle at least once in their lives? Crunchy and fluffy inside. This world-famous, irreplaceable dessert evokes positive feelings among customers. Depending on what topping you prefer, it always satisfies clients' palate.
The Savor waffle irons are solid appliances, which allow us to make traditional waffles as well as Belgian ones depending on the model. BW 04 MK is a commercial product, designed for making Belgian waffles. The appliance make waffles in 2.5-3 minutes. Two rectangular, thick and crispy waffles.

Stainless steel case which protects the utensil.
Heating plate made of aluminium with non-stick coating, which is easy to clean.
Heat insulated handle.
Temperature regulator and timer.
Temperature indicators that signal the readiness of the utensil to work.
Rubber stands that guarantee its stability.

Dimensions:25*38*30 cm
The size of heating plate:18,5cm
Weight:12 kg
Power:1300 W