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17,90 zł

We would like to present you a range of Savor sauces that perfectly fit in with waffles, bubble waffles, pancakes and flurry desserts.

Topping in dessert is a finishing of the entire meal. Our sauces are dense, creamy, perfectly spread, at the same time they are very tasty and efficient.

In our offer we have eight of the most popular flavours of toppings, with interesting graphics on the packaging, attracting attention of customers.

Types of sauces: Chocolate, Buenos Cream , Nut cream comparable to Nutella, Coconut Cream, Pink Unicorn fruit sauce, most often chosen by children, Bubble Gum Fruit Sauce, which is also very popular with the little ones and Strawberry, Raspberry. Our range of sauces will gradually expand with new flavours.