SVR-RW06X Bubble Waffle



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The SAVOR waffle iron is an unrivaled product. Durable, reliable at an attractive price, intended for professional gastronomy. The SVR-RW06 model has been developed, which has improved the baking quality and has shortened the time. The changed parameters also affect the saving of electricity. In this model, a high-quality thermostat was used - it keeps the temperature precisely, without any deviations. An important element is also the total change of the housing of the heating system to durable steel so that when cleaning the device, water does not get inside. Inundating of heaters - the most common cause of faults has been permanently eliminated. The highest quality multilayer Teflon coating will allow you to bake thousands of waffles. In addition to changes affecting the life of the machine, the aesthetic appearance of the SVR-RW 06E model has also been improved. The SVR-RW 06  model is a device that will certainly accelerate and simplify your work. The equipment of the SVR-RW 06  model in the microchip allows you to bake waffles with very high accuracy. Easy-to-use electronic panel with temperature and time parameters that can be changed within ± 1, as well as programmed. 

Additional features: high-quality stainless steel, easy to clean, top quality and durability finish, temperature and time adjustment knob, wooden handles for thermal protection, simple and convenient power switch, quick opening and closing and turning the molds, four feet, thanks to which the device it's stable.

Dimensions: 320mm*445*280
The size of the wafer: 20,5cm*18cm
Weight: 12 kg
Volts: 220-240V
Power: 1300 W