SAVOR Taiyaki Ice Cream 1 SVR-TM1V


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1 381,30 zł tax excl.

Whoever visited, at least once, the country of the blossoming cherry, must have come across Taiyaki. This snack was created in Tokyo in 1909 and is a symbol of prosperity and well-being. The traditional filling is sweet azuki paste made from red beans. The taiyaki pastry can be modified by adding sharp spices or dyes, for example.

When it comes to filling, of course, at every point we will find other ideas for Tayiaki stuffing. Starting from fillings with spicy cheese, sausage, potato salad, or served with sweet filling, nutella or pudding.

The SVR-TM3V model is best suited for baking ready-made cones - ice-cream "fish" for the machine ice-cream cone ice-cream etc.

Taiyaki Ice Cream:

- easy-to-clean high quality stainless steel was used for production

- the highest quality and durability of the finish

- non-stick Teflon surface

- temperature control knob

- wooden handles ensuring thermal protection

- simple and convenient power switch

- easy, quick opening and closing and turning of the molds

- four feet thanks to which the device is stable, which translates into safety.


The device parameters:

Power: 2000W

Voltage: 220-240V

Fish size:

Device size:

Machine weight: