Waffle batter recipe

4 waffles serving: 
- 2 eggs

- 100g of sugar

- 140g of flour (450 type)

- 28 g of tapioca flour (or potato flour)

- 2-3 grams of baking powder

- 140g of water (1*)

- 28g of condensed milk

- 28g melted butter (2*)
(1*) instead of water, you can use 100g of buttermilk and 40g of water

(2*) you can use oil instead of water but the waffle will be “wet” inside


Beat eggs in a glass bowl, gradually adding sugar, water and milk.

In a different bowl, mix the flour, tapioca flour and the baking powder

Gradually pour the contents of the first bowl into the second and mix them using a mixer while adding butter, keep stirring until the consistency is smooth.

You can cool the batter into the fridge for an hour if you wish.