SVR-RW06 GL SAVOR Bubble Waffle


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Flawless 2 in 1 waffle iron for bubble and traditional waffles. We present the genuine tube heated waffle iron. The SVR RW06GL model has been designed to avoid any repairs that may occur in high season.
First of all, the device solves problems with heating plates that may occur in other models. The waffle iron is equipped with stainless steel heating tubes, in which the thermal cut-out is closed, which protects against its overheating if oil or other impurities get inside the bowl. Special carbon, which is resistant to high temperatures, has been used inside the heating tubes. This has greatly improved the durability of the entire device. The temperature limiter is an additional protection. If the machine reaches a temperature over 290℃, it will be automatically turned off. Another important advantage is the replaceable plates, which can be easily changed by hand. After unscrewing two bolts (spanner included), we remove the plates and install new ones that come with the device. IMPORTANT! The device has two functions: it can be used as a bubble waffle iron as well as a traditional one (grid waffle). When ordering, please indicate what type of additional plates we shall include in the set (bubble plates or grid plates).
To sum up, it is the least problematic waffle iron on the market and it can be used for making both bubble and traditional waffles.

Additional features: high-quality stainless steel, easy to clean, top quality and durability finish, temperature and time adjustment knob, 180° rotation function allows optimal distribution of the dough, simple and convenient power switch, quick opening and closing and turning the molds, four feet, thanks to which the device it's stable.

The size of the wafer; 20,5cm*18cm
Weight:9,5 kg
Power:1415 W